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    In cooperation with RED Digital Cinema, Avid has come up with support for shooting materials in .r3d format without the need to convert them into DPX or TIFF sequences. The conversion and preparation of materials for online used to take several hours before the actual work could even begin. Now, after finishing editing your project, you can continue working in Avid DS online within a few minutes regardless of the extent of the edited material.

    Step-by-step from shooting to online

    1. the footage is imported into Avid Media Composer (1 hour of footage usually takes 2 hours to be imported)
    2. offline in HD resolution (required time according to one´s needs)
    3. preparation and export of the edit list (5 minutes)
    4. import of the edit list and setting parameters of the project for online (5 minutes)
    5. online in Avid DS (required time according to one´s needs)
    6. conversion to a tape or export into a desired format

    Properties of RED material processing in Avid DS

    – direct use of .r3d without the need of conversion or time-consuming import
    – processing in 4k, 3k, 2k film project
    – 4:4:4 RGB – color depth 10,16 and 32bits
    – change of material parameters (exposition, ISO, warmth…) at any point of the coloring process
    – conversion into HD/SD

    If you are interested in such possibilities, you might want to read the press release on Avid website. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

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