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  • Reserve the studio for just 1 hour!

    Do you need color keying fast? A greenscreen available immediately? To film an interview? To shoot a magazine cover? We offer an unique price including lighting, background, energy and technology. A fixed price for a quick job. With it we offer cameras with a big discount from our standart price! The studio C, fully outfitted according to your requirements in full starting at 5.000,- Kč per hour.

    Everything has it’s rules. A reservation that is shorter than 6 hour we guarantee only 48 hours before the rental begins. Hour orders made more than 48 hours befor the rental begins are not guaranteed, instead another solution is being collaboratively sought (moving to another studio, alternate date and time). We also offer lending of cameras for 6 hours or less of rental for a fixed price of 600,-Kč (Sony Z1), 1.000,-Kč (Canon XF 305), 2.000,-Kč (Canon EOS C300) or 3.500,-Kč (Canon EOS C500) including accessories and lenses. This applies only to shooting in the studios.

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