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    Pantograph system
    Pantographs for studios A+B/C – fixed tariff15500,- / 4500,-
    • in case of B type lease : unlimited selection!


    Yellow light with de Sisty lamp condenseravailable for leaseCZK/day
    Magis 300 W F.O.12110,-
    Leonardo 1000 W F.O.15150,-
    Leonardo 2000 W F.O.5250,-
    Leonardo 5000 W F.O.5380,-
    Leonardo 10 kW F.O.1550,-
    ARRI LAMPSavailable for leaseCZK/day
    ARRI 150 W M.O. 2110,-
    ARRI 300W M.O.3110,-
    ARRI 650 W M.O.3120,-
    ARRI 1000 W F.O.17150,-
    ARRI 1000 W M.O.6150,-
    ARRI 2000 W F.O.10250,-
    ARRI 2000 W M.O.6250,-
    ARRI 5000 W F.O. 10380,-
    ARRI 5000 W M.O.4380,-
    ARRI 10 000 W M.O.4550,-
    ARRI 1000 W Cyc - light5350,-
    ARRI SKY PANNEL s160c22 900,-
    ARRI SKY PANNEL s120c23 900,-
    SPOTLIGHT Source Four Zoom 15/30° s iris clonou1200,-
    Yellow light OPENavailable for leaseCZK/day
    ARRI Lite 2000W2300,-
    ARRI Lite 750W2250
    ARRI Red head 800 W3180,-
    De Sisty Giotto6350,-
    Spacelight vč. černý potah81 000,-
    PAR 644200,-
    Iowel softlite 15001200,-
    Mini Rama 800 W4250,-
    Jam Ball 1000 W41 500,-
    Dedoflex Octodome panaura 150cm 400/575HMI, 1000kW12 000,-
    Dino Light 1214 000,-
    Dedolight 4x 100W 12V1900,-
    Dedolight 1x 150W 24V4400,-
    Dedolight 1x 400W1600,-
    Dedo projector lens1400,-
    Fluorescent lightsavailable for leaseCZK/day
    Kinoflo flathead24 500,-
    tubes yellow/blue16/160,-
    Kinoflo 4x 12062 400,-
    tubes yellow/blue/green24/24/80,-
    Kinoflo 2x 120 Double21 200,-
    tubes yellow/blue4/40,-
    Kinoflo Diva-Lite 400 manual dimmer11 500,-
    tubes yellow/blue4/40,-
    Kinoflo singl 1x 602600,-
    tubes yellow/blue2/20,-
    Miniflo set 2pc11 400,-
    ARRI Studio COOL 421 200,-
    tubes yellow/blue8/8
    Kamio Ring12 500,-
    Report set Kobold12 500,-
    Led panel 5200/3200 K22 000,-
    Dimmers – mobileavailable for leaseCZK/day
    2 kW2200
    3 kW2300
    10 kW11 000
    5kW dimmer unit, 6 circles11 100
    12 kW dimmer unit, 12 circuits11 000
    3 x 12kW (63A1F)21 200
    Lighting console (pult) ETC Element 120+LCD Monitor12 500
    Lighting console (pult) Strand Lighting 24/4811 000
    Lighting console (pult) Nova Lighting 48/7211 500
    Lighting console (pult) Lightcommander 12/241800
    Photographical equipment Fomeiavailable for leaseCZK/day
    Digital Pro X 1200 Ws2750,-
    Digital Pro X 500 Ws4450,-
    Digitalis 200 RF2350,-
    octa box 200 cm1400,-
    recta box 180x120 cm1300,-
    soft box 85x60 cm1100,-
    reflector beuty dish 43 cm1250,-
    reflector 16,5 cm (reflector)450,-
    reflector with a honeycomb (narrow snoot)250,-
    honeycomb set2100,-
    studio umbrella 114cm (EW-114 w/transclucent)3100,-
    studio umbrella 105cm (W-105 w/diffuser)1200,-
    adapter fomei/bowens350,-
    flashmeter Gossen Starlite 21350,-
    remote launcher TR - 10D1400,-
    paper background 3,55x30m white, black220,- bm/CZK
    Standsavailable for leaseCZK/day
    Clavicular stand on wheels B2002220
    Super Wind Up2320
    Joint stand A3302500
    lightweight stands13120
    combo stands12120
    combo steel stands6120
    low boy stand8120
    Mega Boom arm1500
    C- Stand22220
    Junior boom arm4100
    conka bonka2100
    Junior boom arm1110
    junior offset arm260
    Other accessoriesavailable for leaseCZK/day
    chimera Junior 3x potah4700,-
    chimera S, 3x potah2800,-
    chimera M, 3x potah2900,-
    chimera L, 3x potah21 000,-
    SnapGrid DoP L1400,-
    SnapGrid DoP S2300,-
    SnapGrid DoP J4280,-
    negry, various sizes14120,-
    floppy, 120x120 cm8130,-
    singl screen6100,-
    double screen 120x120cm2100,-
    frame for fólie 200x120 cm4150,-
    frame for fólie 120x120 cm12100,-
    frame for fólie 75x75 cm650,-
    Butterfly frame 6x6 m1600,-
    ultabounce1/2 lite grid1450,-
    ultabounce Green screen 6x6 m11 500,-
    Butterfly frame 2,5 m1180,-
    ultabounce1/2 lite grid1120,-
    Butterfly frame 4x4 m2270,-
    coating 4x4 m, muslin-odrazná1220,-
    ultabounce4x4 m, silk1220,-
    coating 4x4 m, ultabounce1250,-
    coating 4x4 m, lite grid1220,-
    coating 4x4m, ultrabounce1220,-
    coating 4x4 m lite grid11 200,-
    coating 4x4 m, b/w grifflon11 200,-
    Black out 3x3 m1100,-
    Black out 10x6 m1500,-
    Mirror in frame, 1x1m hard/soft1250,-
    poly, 2x1 m1030,-
    polystyrene holder,750,-
    polystyrene holder, jointed7100,-
    fun grip arm230,-
    sky hook430,-
    junior pipe clamp140,-
    mp eye coupler230,-
    socket flag arm130,-
    sand bag1830,-
    connection cables3030,-
    fólie 1m400,-
    gaffer tape bílá/černá1450,-
    digital tape1700,-
    black wrap - role1700,-
    depron 3mm1120,-
    depron 6mm1200,-
    Camera cart (tracks)120,-
    Tracks, straight 1 m30,-
    Ground structures 45x100x10030,-
    Ground structures 60x100x10040,-
    Ground structures 105x100x10060,-
    Special effectsavailable for leaseCZK/day
    Smoke-emitter Rosco 170011 000,-
    Fluid Rosco Stage Studio 0,5 l250,-
    Fluid Rosco Standart0,5 l200,-
    PA system Yamaha Stagepas 300 + mix11 000,-
    Fan Digi Fan 1.2 kW 1500,-
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