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  • Welcome to the new website of the Pokrok Studios!

    Post-production house and Visual Effect studios in new spaces (app. 500m2) for your projects. Although young, the Pokrok Studios have quickly became one of the most notable post-production companies, centered on the most demanding clients from the ranks of prestigious advertising agencies. Apart from these services we offer cooperation to movie and television companies and create ideal conditions for special orders.

    • possibility of usage of a all audio-video services
    • cutting rooms with graphic stations, 3D
    • we have opened new modern sound stations with ProTools systems
    • complete post-production services

    3x Avid DS 10 online stations

    • 2K, HD, SD and newly RED format processing (natively in -*.r3d without the conversion into dpx or tiff)
    • primary and secondary selective real-time color correction
    • blue/green, chroma, luma key
    • picture tracking and stabilization
    • complicated compositions with unlimited number of layers
    • keylight and sapphire plug-ins
    • acceleration of computations with multiple networked rendering stations

    6x Avid Media Composer offline station

    • HD, HDV, SD
    • all cutting rooms connected to a shared 8TB disk field
    • 3 additional Avid cutting rooms for fast distribution of your project material
    • editing tech support

    Creation of broadcast copies and conversion of almost all possible formats. Call 255 707 333 and we will finish your orders in our new Pokrok Studios post-production.

    Your spots can be shot in our new studios. A brand new “C” studio (9m x 12m, 5m in height) has been added to our spaces. It is intended for shooting “pack shots”, photography, interviews etc. Its services are cheaper than the A studio´s. Testing room “D” has also been recently added. You can use it for casting, photography and interviews. The “A” studio has now a new prep room “B”, which can also be used as a studio. Its services are still covered by the “A” studio´s prices. Moreover, we have expanded our storage-spaces, changing rooms, make-up rooms etc. It is still possible to use our courtyard for bringing your own catering, or order pizza or Chinese from the nearby restaurants. We can provide you with catering for excellent prices.

    Try the new spaces in the centre of Prague. Pokrok is the place where we meet.

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