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Editing, sound, online, grading. VFX. In the center of Prague.

Studio Pokrok Post-production

We will help you find a solution for your project and make post-production work as efficient as possible.

Our post-production facilities consist of 8 editing rooms, 2 sound studios, online and VFX workplaces, a grading and approval room for television, a cinema with a top 4K laser projector in the DCI standard.

We will prepare an individual solution for you exactly according to your needs and requirements.



Already in the first phase of your project, we will be happy to share our experience with you and advise you on how to set the filming parameters so that subsequent post-production is as efficient as possible. We also offer consultations regarding graphics and preparation of trick shots (VFX/CGI), including optimization of financial costs for your project. We are also able to prepare sample video material for your partners or clients.

Data management

We secure your data from the moment it leaves the camera and take care of it throughout post-production. Starting with archiving your data to secure storage, we prepare data for synchronization, multicam creation, cross-site exports, data consolidation, DCP production, exports for TV or online distribution. According to the requirements, we also create another copy of the data for the client, both during post-production and after the end of the project.


Editing is a classic film discipline, without which no audiovisual work is complete. The advantage of our client editing rooms is the full connection to the shared data storage, which allows you to work on the same project in all workplaces at the same time. From data preparation, cutting, to finalization and exporting the resulting master. Not only your data, but also ongoing projects are backed up several times.

Sound design

The sound studio has a more detailed section on our website (here). However, it is also a key part of post-production. In addition to recording in the studio, we are able to prepare the final sound mix according to the standards of the industry for which your work is created (television, film, etc.).


Our experienced team of creators of visual effects, motion graphics and graphic equipment is ready to help you with your pictures and shows. We will be happy to go through the preparation and shooting of trick scenes with you and ensure their subsequent production. In addition, we are able to prepare graphic equipment for your programs, including jingles, jingles and other graphic elements.

Color Grading

We will professionally color your television or online projects on a reference monitor with the possibility of final approval projections with the required service. For film projects, we have a cinema with a laser 4K projector for you, where the film is colored, gets the resulting atmosphere and then the final approval screening takes place. The cinema is also used during filming, when more demanding clients demand daily control screenings (dailies) in a certified screening room. In addition, the cinema is used for projection of trick shots (VFX), where literally every frame of your project is handled down to the smallest detail.


Some of the projects realized in the post-production Studio Pokrok

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